How much does therapy cost?

People often ask how much does therapy cost, and some evey ask how much is it worth?

So, how much does it cost? How much is it worth?

These are two simple questions; however they do not have simple answers.

What something costs is about the time, energy and often money we associate with the desired object.  What it is worth can mean a myriad of things.

I think of cars as a great topic to discuss cost.  You can look up “cost to own” on the internet. Someone asked if a hybrid costs less to operate than a regular auto.  The answer is often that the “cost to own” a hybrid is more in terms of money.  The cost question is answered from the point of view as to the money it takes over time to own a hybrid.  The further answer has to do with the cost of the emissions to our environment.  So what is it worth to get a hybrid?  For the person who is concerned about his/ her carbon footprint, it is worth whatever the cost.

So we are not talking about cars here.  The thing I want to talk about is the cost and worth of therapy.  The cost may seem high if you look only at the dollar amount.  If, however, you look at what counseling is worth you may have a criteria that is very different.

What does it cost? For some therapists or psychiatrists it may be very expensive and for others not so costly if you have insurance to cover your cost.  No matter what, it will not be free.  The cost will include your time and more importantly, your investment of emotional energy.  You may have to change some patterned behaviors and even apologize.  These are cost factors in the therapeutic setting.

The worth of the outlay can be that you get your life back. You may get your marriage back.  You may get your family back.  You may get your child back.

The concept of cost seems to wane when we consider that the rest of your life may come from sessions with a therapist.

We buy the kid a car, the wife a ring, the husband a new set of golf clubs. We buy an expensive dinner, a vacation, a boat. We spend money to increase the value of our lives all the time. We put value on these things that we deem worth it. The cost is absorbed in the equation of what we are willing to pay for something we consider worth it.

What is the cost of happiness and what is it worth?  Just think about the joy you are putting off because of a potential misunderstanding about cost and worth of therapy

Call me for an appointment; it will be worth it!