Thinking and feeling a way to a better life…

Relationship counseling is the heart of my work.


Adolescents have been the focus of my work for several years and enjoy working with them very much. I work with them in conjunction with their families but also as individuals. Each situation is different but the family unit is an important aspect of work with teens. I expect to work with the system of the teen’s family as well as the teen as an individual as the need arises.

Individual counseling is one way to arrive at better relationships. I often work with an individual who is in crisis with others or self. Those others may be in family, work or friends. The individual often needs to work through a persistent pattern of difficulty with relationships or love of self. I can help the individual arrive at a greater understanding of the cause of the difficulties he/she experiences. With encouragement the person is able to both think and feel their way into a resolution to the conflict he/she is experiencing.

Counseling_couplesCouple‘s counseling is an approach to help the partnership or marriage succeed in coming to a greater appreciation and love for the other and the mutual enterprise of their commitment. The need to move to a new awareness of the other member in a marriage or partnership can be seen as an opportunity and not as a threat to the relationship. Facilitating the conversation between two people in the context of counseling can provide a safe and hopeful place to re-discover the love that was once a deeply beautiful part of the relationship.

Family counseling in which all or parts of the family are included can aid the family in getting beyond the impasses that seem unsurpassable. As in other approaches to counseling, family therapy offers an insightful discovery of the richness in the family unit. This counseling is suited especially for families that are now single parent or blended families. The dynamics of step parents, step siblings or half siblings can be challenging but not insurmountable. As a counselor I act as a catalyst to bring the family back into the otherwise non family experience.

Counseling_ChurchGod / church (organized religion difficulties) is one more type of counseling that I work with. This is counseling for the God / church (organized religion) issues that often impact those who have wanted a God / organized religion relationship and have been hurt in some way in the process of this quest. I have a lifelong desire to know God and have a long relationship with organized religion. I know that the relationship with God / church can be a painful one and I am ready to hear and help in the exploration of this area in a person’s life.